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Fisher-Price is an American company that produces educational toys for infants, toddlers, and children, headquartered in East Aurora, New York. Fisher-Price has been a subsidiary of Mattel since 1993.

Back in 2019, Phil Fairbanks reported for THE BUFFALO NEWS about Families in 17 states file suit against Fisher-Price's Rock 'n Play

Arizona mother Emily Barton says she never knew her baby was at risk of injury or even death. Neither did Karen Flores, a grandmother from California. Or Daniel Pasternack, a father in Colorado.

All three are among the 23 people in 17 states who joined together last week in a new lawsuit challenging the safety of Fisher-Price's Rock 'n Play infant sleeper. None of the people in the new suit claims their kids were injured or killed. The suit, filed in Buffalo federal court, claims the East Aurora toymaker knew about the risks to babies well in advance of a recall earlier this year but ignored them. At the core of the complaint against Fisher-Price and its parent company, Mattel, is the allegation that the Rock 'n Play is inherently unsafe because it encourages the kind of incline sleeping that can cause suffocation and death. The suit claims at least 32 infant deaths have been linked to the sleeper. “Our latest filing is a consolidated complaint that features allegations of consumers across the nation documenting the false and misleading marketing and misrepresentations that the Rock ‘n Play was safe for infant sleep,” said Terrence M. Connors, a lawyer for some of the plaintiffs.


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Current Employee - Model Maker says

"Company is run by dummies. The hardest workers get stepped on, the brown nosers move forward"

Former Employee - Mechanical Designer says

"constant layoffs, work being sent to China, poor management, too many chiefs killing all the Indians"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many VP's and directors"

Supply Planning says

"Lower than average salary. Benefits keep getting reduced. Mattel does whatever they can to get a piece of your money, earned or not by them"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of real experience. They get rid of the experienced people. Run by people at the top that only think about themselves. The department I was in was a total joke. If we had to make a profit it would never happen, ever. It is so bad I can't even come up with the words to describe it. If Fisher Price is still in East Aurora by 2016 I will be amazed."


"horrible management, not allowed to have an opinion, lay-offs, declining market"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many layers and tough to move quickly"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-miscommunication from managers -no direction from managers - training from managers is little to none -employee morale is very low -very little stability and trust --miscommunication from managers -managers don't train very well and decide to micromanage instead -employee morale is very low -too many people and cycles involved in decision making process"


"management has no clue what is going on in the company"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The manager berated us daily about petty things. They make you feel worthless if you are a seasonal employee. The customers that call are always mad and you leave everyday feeling terrible. Toxic environment. Cons: Manager"

Consumer relations (Current Employee) says

"Little room for advancement. Too many queen bees. No job security. Way over politically correct. Social values shoved down your throat. Pay much less than comparable positions at other companies. Most salaries will still qualify you for food stamps in this dept. Cons: tethered to phones, office politics and politically correctness gone amuck"

Utility Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you can avoid working there, do it. Underpaid, lack of communication, zero cooperation from management, lack of training and safety. Zero support. Great benefits and people you do services for. The dept? Not so much."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I really enjoyed working here, but the decisions made at the executive level over the last few years have contributed to the decline of the company. Offices are closing and there has been no clear communication from the main campus as to what the overall plan is. I expect more cuts in the future. Can't recommend anyone taking a job at Mattel until they stabilize. Cons: Company is being run into the ground"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"Great company but there is no work life balance in certain departments. Fisher Price does offer good benefits. Time off is comparable to other companies."

Global Brand Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"The people that get in, stay. And stay and stay. But every two years or so they do a mass layoff. It's easy to believe in what you do at FP but the job security is always weighing on you. If you can ride the wave great, if not, you'll probably get a nice severance package."

Consumer Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"I like the flexibility of your hours it was very helpful with a family and children. The workplace was always clean and you had the ability to obtain more training."

Key Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Fisher-Price has been purchased by Mattel and the cororpate structure has changed. The company is downsizing and advancement is limited. Cons: low wages/salary - limited advancement"

nick says

"it suck becuse it is for babies"

Customer - Small Business says

"If Vodfone held the record for the most appalling customer services, it was just broken hands down by Mattel / Fisher-price. Having bought a product from them it arrived in used, soiled condition, scratched, dirty & incomplete. When I tried to return the item it took 4 weeks to get a response from customer services & countless emails - all of which were cut & paste responses & read in simple terms not our problem nor our responsibility, if you don't like it return it, Now Bore off. On raising a safety concern I received the same Attitude; that of a really sleazy used car salesman, which considering they sell toys for small children is surprising. Fisher-Price & their sister companies owned by Mattel group is now downgraded to Sell if you hold shares & DO NOT BUY Category"

Adam Davies says

"Products poor quality. Recently purchased a few Fisher Price products for granddaughter. Found both very poor - they just don't work. Both stuck in what I'm guessing is a demo mode (they work for a few seconds). Followed instructions from Fisher Price to take them out of demo mode - Neither worked - both still stuck. Poor quality products and poor customer service."

Martin Heller says

"The worst customer service ever! I received zero satisfaction trying to get a small missing part for a Jeep electric car which I was assembling. The people I talked to seemed to think that I was concocting a hustle to get a free part from them, when in fact I was just trying to get the assembly done so my kid could drive it. Never again Fischer-Price!"

Lici says

"I bought a Fisher price product for my daughters birthday, only to find hole in the product to enable them to attach it ro the packaging. When I contacted Fisher price about this they said it was so it looked good on the shelf and we're very patronising in their email. I will NOT BE buying from them again. Horrible experience." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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